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We're Infinium, a digital studio based in Salt Lake City. We build high-class software for cool and innovative businesses.

We accelerate growth with next-level software.

Most of the stuff we see on the internet isn't very memorable. Can you recall every website you visited a few days ago? Even yesterday?

The key to growth in a digital world is to stand-out. And you don't do that with boring, cookie-cutter experiences. You do it with deliberate commitment and effort. That's what we do.

Web Design & Development

You name the requirements and we'll make it happen. We've created and maintained sites of all shapes and sizes—ranging from traditional Wordpress blogs to enterprise-class from-scratch platforms.

Desktop & Mobile Apps

If you need a more native experience, we can create desktop applications for Windows, MacOS, and Linux and mobile applications for Android and iOS.

Selected Works.
Search edition.

During the month of April, we're showcasing some of our search-related projects. They're all open-source, too. Make sure to check out their repositories if you're into that sort of thing!

Lightning-fast searching with Scavenger

Scavenger is our latest open-source project for lightning-fast (seriously) static resource searching. It's intended to work with resources known ahead of time (although you can add some on-the-fly).

It eliminates the unfortunate latecy we see with a lot of search implementations. Scavenger is stunningly fast, and delightfully accurate. The more data you add, the more accurate it gets.

Private web searches with Gofë

Gofë is a new, private web searcher that uses Google behind the scenes.

It's modern, it's fast, and it's customizable. The showcase images feature the Dracula theme, but there are ~10 others to choose from.

Since it uses Google privately, we get both the best results and the most anonymity. Our team has been using it for the past few weeks and we've been thrilled with it's performance and usefulness. If you like it, give us a shout!

About us

A local team with global influence.

Over the last 10 years, we've maintained a solid reputation of delivering high-quality, tailored software on-time and on-the-mark. Our small structure offers flexibility that allows us to work with you on a level most agencies can't consistently match.

Who we are

Tristan B.

Founder, CEO

Full-stack software engineer, infrequent writer, has one cat (can you find him on this site?).

Carla J.

Lead Designer

UI/UX and experience designer, lover of iced mochas, probably looking for a library near you.

Other members have been redacted for their privacy.

Connect locally. Inspire globally.

We'll help you reach and retain the customers that matter to you. With dedicated outreach and a stunning, tailored platform, you'll have no trouble maintaining firm relationships with long-lasting customers.

Let's do this together.

If you've got an idea for a project, a rough idea or some questions, let's chat. Feel free to reach out any day and we'll get back to you promptly.